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FITIZEN is an inventive office & home ergonomics venture that caters to your fitness goals by enabling mobility. Sitting is considered to be the new smoking. People generally spend 75% of their working hours continuously sitting. In today's sedentary lifestyle, due to our continuous usage of laptops and smartphones, our body is susceptible to injuries like neck & back pain. It is advised to sit less and stand more. It is recommended that we stand after every 20 minutes instead of sitting for hours. This increases the productivity and keeps the body active and also burns calories. You will feel more energetic, engaged and will have higher concentration levels. At FITIZEN group, we develop products for an inclusive fitness lifestyle. Our design patented ZEN series of standing desks enables the user to correct their posture while working in a sitting position and also encouraging them to stand & work.

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  • Office Equipment
  • Office Supplies and Accessories
  • Desks and Tables
  • Recreational/ Urban furniture
  • Workstations

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210,Marathon MAX, Goregaon Link Road,Mulund

T: + 91 9870496201

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